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The brand new book: "The Polychronicon - A thirty-five year adventure" is available now.

It is an account of a thirty-five year long, still continuing, game of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). It has been played by the same people, with the same dungeon master, in the same world, since 1980. If you are a fan of D&D you will love this book. It tells how are group of adventurers started in their fantasy world, and slowly but successfully gained a reputation to righting wrongs and solving apparently insoluble problems. Yes, the book is expensive: why? Because it is a quality production, hard-cover, and in full colour. It is full of maps, plans, drawing, and images of the places which the adventurers visited. Every day is accounted for; Every place is described: their battles; their losses; their gains; their successes and their failures.
Visit The Polychronicon - A thirty-five year adventure. Read it! You will enjoy it!
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Being the sundry chronicles and historical narratives of a very long-standing and continuous sequence of adventures and escapades befalling a troupe of adventurers in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons.


Dave Franklin
Master of the Environment

Deagan Fenn: a mighty and fierce fighter, thoroughly reliable in battle. Recently carelessly smashed his magical "Defender" sword in a moment of inattention in battle Weatherwax: a druid of remarkable prowess and power. Always skillful and dependable, and utterly committed to the wellbeing of the troupe.

Doug Banks

Dobby: an Elven Fighter whom we found in October 4335 (October 2007) in a dungeon in the castle near Windernesse during our Tomb of Valon adventure. Dalamar Caradon: was a protégé of Teral Guthdohtor,  in Irilian who joined us in March 4335 (May 2002) following the retirement of Weatherwax. She is a very powerful magician who has been able to work effectively with Solezar to conquer some of the troupe’s most powerful enemies.
Dr Rohan Thekla: a committed medical man who heals and repairs the damage suffered by all members of the troupe owing to the vagaries of the Adventurer's life. Tasselhoff Burrfoot: known as Tass to his friends. he is a halfling fighter who will commit acts of great bravery, but somewhat unpredictably.

Ken Spencer

Solezaar: an utterly reliable and committed magician of great value to the troupe. A erstwhile colleague of Dr Thekla.   Budwyn: this character has been transported from the troupe to an unknown place. It is hoped to retrieve him if at all possible.

Steve Ditte

    Rolwynn: a ranger who has proved himself trustworthy and reliable since he joined the troupe following the loss of Budwyn.
Corbane: a magnificent cleric and thoroughly committed. However, memory lapses and moments of inattention may cause Corbane to miss some of the action. Tankrid Silverhand: a Druid of great influence, suffering from occasional narcolepsy which can result in the late application of a good spell.

Fred Noel

Lucien Dedermont: an extremely powerful and useful archer. Many times has he demolished opposition forces with a single arrow! Salvador Goldmoon: a Human Druid who replaced Tankrid following his retirement to the Celadon Forest in May 4335 (January 2004) after the Tharisdon adventure.
Garlon: (also known as Girlyon) is an executioner of much, but not infallible, skill - wielding his two-handed sword he can frequently sever a neck. He has however, despicable views on all non-human life. Mylakhrion: a scout of great skill and bravery, usually reliable and committed in battle.

Mike Noel

    Milo: a Human magic user who replaced Mylakhrion following his strange change in appearance and name. Milo takes his name from Millo Fortress where he lived until he joined our troupe.
Cormanti: a cleric of previously great repute. However, his intermittent presence of late has reduced his effective contribution. Sprigg: a halfling thief, generally not of criminal disposition towards this troupe, he will use his skills to help the greater objective.

Roger Evans

Korgan: Originally named Wolfgar, a human barbarian whom we met in the Slugfest Inn in Evergloom. He begged to join us after our Albascor’s Tomb adventure in October 4335 (July 2007). Noir: joined in strange circumstances when Mylakhrion the scout changed his appearance one day and declared that henceforth he was to be known as Noir.

Alex Franklin

Early History The Characters Maps of Travelling Chronicles
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