The Friday Venturers
"Fortune Seekers and Mission Accomplishers par excellence"

The brand new book: "The Polychronicon - A thirty-five year adventure" is available now.

It is an account of a thirty-five year long, still continuing, game of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). It has been played by the same people, with the same dungeon master, in the same world, since 1980. If you are a fan of D&D you will love this book. It tells how are group of adventurers started in their fantasy world, and slowly but successfully gained a reputation to righting wrongs and solving apparently insoluble problems. Yes, the book is expensive: why? Because it is a quality production, hard-cover, and in full colour. It is full of maps, plans, drawing, and images of the places which the adventurers visited. Every day is accounted for; Every place is described: their battles; their losses; their gains; their successes and their failures.
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Being the sundry chronicles (links are at the bottom of this page) and historical narratives of a very long-standing and continuous sequence of adventures and escapades befalling a troupe of adventurers in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons.


Note: the chronicles indicated below are still being written and some are not yet available.

Caves of Chaos Slave Lords Tomb of Horrors
The Dark of Irilian Temple of Elemental Evil  
The Dragon SnowStorm The Wedding Crypt of Istaris
Aethering the Damned The Dark Druid  

The history and chronicles of the adventures of The Friday Venturers is very very extensive indeed. It stretches over a period equivalent to more than twenty of the years of our point in the multiverse. For those that have heard of the famous exploits of the troupe and wish to know more, we present below a summary, as we have heard it during the rare occasions on which the two temporo-spatial planes of the points of the multiverse of our experience (that of the component psyches of the troupe) and the reconstructed characters (the adventurers) co-incide. Most commonly these have been during sojourns of eating and drinking in local hostelry-eating places, and so some experiences become distorted and exaggerated.

The exploits of the troupe fall into two broad time periods:

The wandering period (1980 - 1992): Although the troupe have travelled widely over land and sea (as described on the Maps of Travelling page) the first 10-12 years of their history consisted almost entirely of their wanderings through the Valley of the Ancients, Vallon, and The Elphand Lands. In this period, they pursued many rather random objectives according to the situations they met on their way - usually dealing with errant monsters or evil bands of non-human and human enemies of peaceful residents of the towns and villages through which they passed. This period culminated in the Slave Lord series of tasks, which involved them in dispelling a group of evil slave transporters and merchants.

Irilian and After (1992 - 2000): After completing the Slave Lord mission, the fame of the troupe began to spread more widely. They accepted a mission from Zotoquaan of Irilian to travel to the Tomb of Horrors. This mission led to the discovery of an asset which would prove most valuable to the Troupe - The Mirror of Mental Prowess - which enabled Dr Rowan Thekla to visualise the location and activity of any person known to him. Then, the Troupe were called in to help solve the threat of the evil Dark of Irilian. After their success in this mission, they became very famous indeed, and enjoyed the support and welcome of all goodly peoples whom they visited. Many many adventures were experienced, and no task seemed to be too much for them. They defeated the Evit God Iuz working in the Temple of Elemental Evil, thus banishing the danger of The Dark from Irilian forever. The Troupe went on to rescue The Dragon SnowStorm from King Rollex, an action which earned them the freedom of the City of Irilian. Whenever they took time off from their adventuring, the Troupe were now moving in the circles of the elite - demonstrated by their invitation to and attendance at The Society Wedding of Jolene and Lucca.
Other adventureds followed, most notably the prevention of a major explosion of The Crypt of Istaris and the destruction of the Tomb of Aethering the Damned, The latter adventure resulted in the loss of Budwyn, whose sprit was captured by Aethering's Wife Anasia

The Present (2000 onwards): Currently the Troupe are engaged in fighting The Dark Druid who is using the evil Cryptokronos (an ancient magical book of spells and evil techniques) to impose his will upon the world. This is their most difficult task to date.

Each major exploit can be seen on the documents linked in the matrix below.

Caves of Chaos Slave Lords Tomb of Horrors
The Dark of Irilian Temple of Elemental Evil  
The Dragon SnowStorm The Wedding Crypt of Istaris
Aethering the Damned The Dark Druid  

Note: No responsibility can be accepted for any damage caused as a result of any person trying to replicate these adventures at home.

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